Say Hello to Our Baby

Our last post was on December 28th, 2012. A few days after that, Christy found out she was pregnant. So a wrench was thrown into our "drink and write about it" plan. Yes, Ethical Liver is also meant to cover sustainable city living and such...but who are we kidding? It was mostly going to document our mutual love of beer and cocktails.

Now our daughter, Freyja, is over nine months old and, guess what? She loves pubs as much as we do! So we've run out of excuses to keep us from writing. Plus, 2013 was a pretty good year for San Diego in terms of bicycles, local food, and general quality of life stuff, so there's lots to share.

Christy and I are loving being parents to an amazing kid. What's more, parenting has lent us some new perspective on what's necessary to make a city livable for people of all ages. So we look forward to once again sharing with you through Ethical Liver and I  promise that our next post will happen in well under two years time!

 Freyja is a few months older now, but this pic seems thematically appropriate.

Freyja is a few months older now, but this pic seems thematically appropriate.

Home for the Holidays

Christy and I recently arrived in Watseka, IL to visit my family. Presents have been exchanged, dinners have been consumed, and hugs have been had all around. I learned a bit bout my paternal grandfather this trip, and since it is cocktail related, I decided to share. It seems Bob used to call Manhattans, "Lollipops."

I was handed this bit of family lore while drinking a well balanced Maker's Mark Manhattan over a juicy blue cheese covered steak at Mr. Benny's. After dinner I took a short research trip around the Internet and couldn't find precedent for this peculiar nickname. Was it a regionalism? Was it an inside joke? Grandpa wasn't even alone in this affectation. Multiple older gentlemen from Watseka referred to Lollipops when ordering one of the manliest cocktails ever conceived. It's a mystery. If you happen to stumble over an explanation, please let me know. I'd be eager to find out the history, but I definitely won't be adopting this particular habit for myself.


Beer Week: Partisan Beer

Last night I was thinking nationally and drinking locally. San Diego Beer Week is still going strong and was, brilliantly, scheduled over the elections. With just a little forethought, I was able to prepare myself to drink either in celebration or in sorrow. 

Christy and I had been invited to spend the evening watching the polls close at an election party in South Park. Before biking down, we made sure to visit Tiger! Tiger! where they were tapping Automatic Brewing's Vote for Obama red ale.  Obviously, no other beer was remotely as thematically appropriate. Vote for Obama was based on the White House's published recipe for the Presidential homebrew.  I love living in a neighborhood where one-off beers are brewed for special events. As a bonus, I really liked the brew. I expected it would be a bit sweeter than I prefer, but it was easy drinking, sessionable, and complex enough to hold my interest. The party made short work of our growler and and an additional liter brought by another attendee.

Chalking the board for Vote for Obama.

Obama won. Armchair gynecologists lost. Some of my favorite propositions did well. Good times. We biked back to North Park through the foggy evening air a little giddy from dispelled nervousness and a lack of sleep. Good times. 

Beer Week: BLAH Blind IPA Challenge Revisited

So. The Blind IPA Challenge was difficult. We made no secret about how difficult it was for us, and we truly felt silly--too embarrassed, even, to post our guesses in our initial post about it. But here are our guesses:


In case it's hard to read, those are:

  • Ballast Point Big Eye
  • AleSmith IPA
  • Stone IPA
  • Green Flash West Coast IPA
  • Societe The Dandy
  • Mission IPA

I'm willing to share now, because it turns out we--along with 2 others--won. Well, close enough. No, we didn't get all of them, but we correctly identified 4 of 6, which is the most correctly identified. We mis-identified Stone IPA and AleSmith IPA. If Matt had listened to me we would have gotten the AleSmith & Stone correct, but we might have confused Big Eye and West Coast, so we're basically even. Anyway, we're feeling pretty good about ourselves here. The challenge was way harder than we thought. We had zero confidence. But it's nice to know we can trust our palates. And so can you.