Beer Week: Tiger Tiger

Christy and I returned to beautiful North Park on Sunday after a weekend in San Jose with family. Having missed the first days of San Diego Beer Week, we realized good taste demanded that we visit a pub for our evening meal.  We chose Tiger Tiger Tavern.

Tiger Tiger is one of our favorite recent additions to the 30th Street beer corridor. The beer selection is top notch, the food is wonderful, and the atmosphere is friendly. They are also big into bike culture. In fact, their Sunday Beer Week event was a Kegerade Parade. That consisted of a team of Tiger Tiger staff and patrons biking all the way to Pizza Port in Ocean Beach, picking up ten kegs, and riding them back to North Park for immediate tapping. Christy and I are increasingly pro-bike, but we were too late (and too un-athletic?) to join the parade. Instead we enjoyed the fruits of their labor. I have to say, Bacon & Eggs imperial porter is a lovely beer. If you like your dark beers rich and complex, seek it out. 

We were a bit too exhausted from travel to think about taking beautiful pictures and sharing deep thoughts, but I felt a quick Tiger Tiger shout out was in order. Oh, they also just opened up their back patio, which is smoke free, so check that out.

Whiskey Decanters

Christy and I have finally classed up the joint with whiskey decanters. I'm a big fan of beautiful, useful, and lasting objects, so classic crystal decanters have been on my purchase list for years now. I had been waiting for a time when Ravenscroft's line of decanters where in my reach. Then I found out that Crate and Barrel had released a beautiful line of glassware. More importantly, I could get two or three pieces for the price of one of the Ravencroft line. Sold.

On the subject of decanting, whiskey decanters are strictly for looks, whereas wine decanting has a purpose. When wine is exposed to oxygen, the reaction can open up richer flavor profiles and dramatically improve the experience. Whiskey is much more stable. A fifty year old bottle of 18 year old Macallan will taste like a six month old bottle of 18 year old Macallan. Whiskey aging happens in the barrel, not inside glass. So the purchase of a whiskey decanter allows you to toss a Maker's Mark bottle into recycling while displaying that beautiful caramel colored liquid in something more your style. I think that's worth it. My two new decanters have made one more corner of my house into a spot I love to look at.


Beer Week: BLAH Blind IPA Challenge

San Diego Beer Week is here! While Beer Week technically starts today, we kicked off our SDBW festivities last night with the Blind IPA Challenge at Blind Lady Ale House. It was our first time trying BLAH's annual blind taste challenge, and while we expected it to be difficult, I was a little surprised (and humbled) by how tough it really was for us! 

Our flight of 6 IPAs (I believe they are 4 oz. pours, but I wouldn't bet my life on it) came with the list of IPAs and blanks to fill out our guesses. The IPAs in the flight are:

  • Stone IPA
  • GreenFlash West Coast
  • AleSmith IPA
  • Ballast Point Big Eye
  • Mission IPA
  • Societe Dandy

But the actual order in the flight is a mystery. We entered our answers, but we aren't very confident in our final list. The blind IPA challenge is still going until 6pm this evening, so if you're in San Diego you should ditch work a little early and give it a try! 


Genius: Stout + Chocolate

Whoever decided to serve chunks of chocolate with certain imperial stouts is a genius. I had grown accustomed to the pairing at Blind Lady, where a piece of chocolate has accompanied the Speedway Stout since I can remember. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the familiar confection when I ordered The Butcher at Tiger!Tiger! recently. It struck me all over again how delightful this is. I had to snap a picture, I was so overcome with chocolate-induced joy. Please excuse the glare, my cell phone camera is limited.