An Introduction...

On a Tuesday evening this summer, we were walking to a favorite neighborhood bar, lured on only the second night of what I had intended to be a booze-free week, by the promise of brand-new local IPAs. As I was jokingly lamenting my lack of self-control, Matt asked why I felt inclined to take a break from beer. I reminded him of all the nights we had gone out for food and drinks in the previous week. "I just want to do something good for my liver," I explained.

"You are," he replied. "You're drinking locally."

We began joking about my locavore liver. I called it my "ethical liver," and we liked the idea so much we knew we had to create some kind of blog at least loosely based on the concept of an ethical liver. 

The Ethical Liver enjoys only the finest beers, wines, and spirits available. The Ethical Liver prefers sustainably-sourced ingredients from growers using environmentally-sound farming techniques. The Ethical Liver contributes to its local economy by supporting local brewers, distillers, and vintners.

And so on.

Matt briefly pondered whether "ethical liver" or "moral liver" would be more precise, but I pointed out that "moral liver" sounds too much like "MORE LIVER." End of discussion.

Anyway, we're not committing to writing exclusively about local beer or even exclusively about libations. We do want to explore aspects of the alcoholic beverage industries and cultures that we find compelling, but also San Diego culture in general and ways we can celebrate it and improve it. We're not going to overthink it yet, let's just see where this goes.