Beer Week: BLAH Blind IPA Challenge Revisited

So. The Blind IPA Challenge was difficult. We made no secret about how difficult it was for us, and we truly felt silly--too embarrassed, even, to post our guesses in our initial post about it. But here are our guesses:


In case it's hard to read, those are:

  • Ballast Point Big Eye
  • AleSmith IPA
  • Stone IPA
  • Green Flash West Coast IPA
  • Societe The Dandy
  • Mission IPA

I'm willing to share now, because it turns out we--along with 2 others--won. Well, close enough. No, we didn't get all of them, but we correctly identified 4 of 6, which is the most correctly identified. We mis-identified Stone IPA and AleSmith IPA. If Matt had listened to me we would have gotten the AleSmith & Stone correct, but we might have confused Big Eye and West Coast, so we're basically even. Anyway, we're feeling pretty good about ourselves here. The challenge was way harder than we thought. We had zero confidence. But it's nice to know we can trust our palates. And so can you.