Home for the Holidays

Christy and I recently arrived in Watseka, IL to visit my family. Presents have been exchanged, dinners have been consumed, and hugs have been had all around. I learned a bit bout my paternal grandfather this trip, and since it is cocktail related, I decided to share. It seems Bob used to call Manhattans, "Lollipops."

I was handed this bit of family lore while drinking a well balanced Maker's Mark Manhattan over a juicy blue cheese covered steak at Mr. Benny's. After dinner I took a short research trip around the Internet and couldn't find precedent for this peculiar nickname. Was it a regionalism? Was it an inside joke? Grandpa wasn't even alone in this affectation. Multiple older gentlemen from Watseka referred to Lollipops when ordering one of the manliest cocktails ever conceived. It's a mystery. If you happen to stumble over an explanation, please let me know. I'd be eager to find out the history, but I definitely won't be adopting this particular habit for myself.